Wildcats Volunteers

VCHAA Relies on Volunteers in Various Capacities

Yearly election of officers takes place at a general meeting after the current season has ended. The officers and directors of VCHAA will serve without compensation during their terms of office. VCHAA has volunteer positions to be filled yearly. The fiscal year of VCHAA is July 1st through June 30th. Read a brief description of each below.

  • Duties of Officers, Directors and Other Volunteer Positions: (pdf / doc)

We need your help!

Descriptions of volunteer positions during games are given below.

  • Admissions –Collect entrance fees to home games. Please contact the treasurer for assistance with this position.

  • Scoreboard – Volunteers to run the clock and scoreboard during the game/s.  Training is available.

  • Scorebook (Home) – Volunteers need to keep the scorebook for our teams.

  • Scorebook (Away) – Similar to above but at away games.

  • Volleyball Line Judges - Two people are needed for each game. The line judges are positioned at diagonal corners of the court. They decide and signal whether balls are in or out of bounds.
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